What Does It Mean To Be A “Full Stack”?

November 13, 2015 deyogroup

What Does It Mean To Be A “Full Stack”?

If you work in the IT industry, specifically in development, you have probably heard

the term “full stack.” As a business professional if you are hiring a web designer or

developer you may have also heard the term used, and you may be wondering just

what it means and if it is a good thing.

To understand what “full stack” is all about, and if that is even relevant to the

developer you choose to hire, there may be a need for some clarification about the

actual definition of the term.

The Definition

With the original meaning of full stack, which is generally used between developers

and web designers, it really means someone who understands all the layers and all

the technology behind the complete package. It is a professional or a team having

the ability, technical knowledge, and the skills to work on any aspect of a particular

program or technology. They will also generally have broad-ranging skills in all

aspects of both the details as well as the big picture of programming languages and


For most developers, the full stack means that the professional is able to work on

everything from the server to the user interface. This means not only designing and

developing but also in troubleshooting, testing and even in developing specific

aspects of the site that are based on what the business needs.

The Benefits

As a business, using a website development team or professional providing full

stack services really means you have a team that can fully customize, modify,

create and address all aspects of your website.

These are not people using templates and systems from other services; they are

developing and customizing for your specific needs. The benefit to you, and your

customers, is that the website is designed to reflect your business and what your

customers need when they come to your website.

Think of it almost like having an in-house architect, marketing guru, interior

designer, and customer service specialist in a brick and mortar store. You could

create just the look, the ambiance and the services you wanted that worked for

your customers as well as your business model. In essence, this is the same thing

your full stack developer can do for your online presence.

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