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What Is A Website For?

Most businesses today have a website, but few are actually utilizing their website effectively. This is often because the website isn’t really understood as a valuable way to both educate your customers and clients about what you do as well as to promote your company as a valuable resource for your target audience.

If you really stop and think about it, there are several parts of your website. Each part plays a role in both introducing your company to your target audience as well as in literally creating a virtual model of your business. By looking at each component of the website, you can understand just what it is for, and why it matters to your customers.

Home Page

Think of your home page as a business card. It should promote your brand, highlight the most important aspects of your business, and create interest to know more.

Your homepage has to be engaging and interesting, and it has to create a desire in the visitor to visit another page on your website. This could be a blog, a sales page, the “About Us” page or perhaps even your online portfolio or gallery.

This is really a very brief overview of your business, not an extensive webpage that provides every detail of your business. Well-designed home pages and landing pages will reduce your bounce rate and also lead to higher conversion rates.

The About Us Page

The “About Us” or the “Company Info” page is the perfect place to provide your target audience with information about yourself and your business. For any company not selling a specific product, but rather selling a service, this may well be the most important page.

More and more online consumers, particularly the Millennials, are interested in more than just the facts about a company. They want to know how the company interacts with the community, what they do to give back, and what the philosophy is to relevant topics.

The Product Pages

While the product pages, or the service description pages, are designed to educate the consumer about what you are offering, they are also another layer of insight into how your company does business.

Consumers today look to a website that offers the option to leave customer reviews, and they read those reviews about both the product and the service received. This is a powerful way to provide greater insight to your target audience as they can hear directly from prior customers about the positive experience of interacting with your company.

In essence, your website is your business converted and uploaded in digital form. It needs to be authentic and send a message about who you are and what your business is all about.

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