In an effort to serve your organization’s needs better, we will be addressing all ongoing support and requests via our Deyo Group Support Ticket Form.

You can open a support ticket by emailing us at
or filling out the form below!

Helpful Guidelines


If your request pertains to the usability or functionality of your website please go through the following steps:

  1. Clear your browser cache – Many issues can be a “caching” error. Before reporting an issue, please first clear your browser cache.
  2. Take a screenshot or recording – When trying to fix a problem the more information you can provide, the better! Screenshots or screen recordings are extremely helpful in diagnosing an issue.
  3. Note what device you are using – Many issues can be specific to desktop or mobile, please note which device the error occurs on. If it is present on more than one device, please note that!
  4. Note what internet browser you are using – Each internet browser is different, please note which one you are using to access your website when an issue occurs. After we have fixed the issue we will test on multiple browsers to ensure consistency.

Technical Request

For requests to change/add pictures, text copy, or links on your site please make sure you follow the format below.

    1. Page URL – Always be sure to paste the page URL in your support ticket.
    2. Note the old content-  For best results, format your request by noting the old information and providing the new. For example, you might request a text change like: “Please change “The quick brown fox jumped over the yellow dog.” to “The fast red fox jumped over the white dog.”

Priority Level

For best results, please label your tickets according to our guidelines below. Please note, at any time, Deyo Group may change the priority order of a ticket if it does not meet these guidelines.


Requests pertaining to the usability of your site. Tickets should only be denoted as “Immediate” when an issue keeps users from accessing the website or completing an important action such as filling out a contact form or purchasing something.


All requests that cause an inconvenience to an employee or customer. For example, if a button bleeds off the page, making it hard to reach or read but not impossible, this would be given the priority “High”.


All requests that update or change the information on the website are considered “Normal” priority. Other requests that are considered “Normal” are stylistic changes to branding or format, or update functionality to a site.


General inquiries, picture changes, or other small requests should be considered “Low” priority in your Deyo Dash.

New Project

All requests for a new project where the priority will be dependent upon the estimated completion date and current task list. New Project priority should be reserved for New Pages, New Product(s), New Functionality, etc.

Please refrain from using the priority “Immediate” or “High” unless absolutely necessary. A limited number of high and immediate priority items will ensure the Deyo Group maintains the correct priority order.

Please note, we try to respond and resolve tickets based on priority but each ticket will be dealt with on an individual basis. Meaning, when we receive your request we will respond with the following information:


The first step in resolving an issue is understanding the problem. If more information is necessary, this will be our first step. Following the guidelines provided above will help to reduce the need for this step.


We will provide an estimated time frame for the request resolution. These estimations are made based on the amount of work required and the existing schedule of our development team and their ongoing projects.


Lastly we may choose to update the status or priority.