Web Services

One of the advantages we offer our clients is a comprehensive and complete web services package. We can work on individual aspects of your online presence, or we can handle each component. Our goal is to provide the services you need. Working as a team with ongoing discussions, input, and feedback we will develop your website to your specifications.

By including a comprehensive range of services through our professional team, we are able to develop a deep understanding of your company, your goals, and your website, advertising, and branding needs. This helps us to provide seamless services with all components integrated and coordinated with each other for maximum results.

Web Design

Having a great web design is not only about aesthetics, but it is also about functionality, ease of navigation and providing customers with a unique online experience. Combining these different aspects creates a vibrant, interactive and exciting website that not only keeps your current customers coming back but assists in growing your online presence and recognition.
One of the most important aspects of web design is the functionality of the site itself. This includes internal searches, the actual structure of the site, the use of search engine optimization (SEO) as well as website performance. Missing any or some all of these factors can hurt your website both in the search engine rankings as well as in conversion rates.

Developing great website design is not just having a good eye for graphics, images, colors, and design techniques. It is about developing a way to let your customers know about your company, to provide a terrific online experience, and to understand, through the use of analytics, how effective your website is at what you need it to do. It also needs to capture the essence of your business, which starts with your website design team getting to know all about you, your business, and where you want to go in the future.

Website design is a real art as well as a science. Balancing the content, the images and the working aspects of the website in a complete package is not easy, but when it is done correctly it creates a top online experience for the website user.

At DeyoGroup, Inc. we have been providing web design services for companies, agencies, businesses, and organizations both large and small. Our focus is in developing and designing a website that is both individual and unique and also provides your customers and clients with the online experience you want them to have.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is a very complex element of any website, logo, company branding program or even a traditional type of marketing and advertising campaign. Understanding the subtle or overt messages conveyed by the visual images, and creating a cohesive and appealing website is all within the scope of a graphic designer.

While we often think of graphic design specifically as images, this is not always the case. Infographics, which are a highly effective and very easily understood way to share even complicated information is another form of graphic design. Even the selection of the font for a logo, company brand or a website falls under the graphic design umbrella. A graphic designer will be an essential part of any web design service and is also a critical professional in your marketing, branding, and social media campaigns.

With websites, it is important to consider not just how the website looks, but also how the user can interact with the information. Having the graphics, content and the overall feel of the website just right to resonate with your target audience is a very big part of creating a successful website that will be bookmarked and shared. Graphic design is rarely about just one image or one component of the website, but more of how the big picture all comes together to create just the look to convey the message.

Of course, in today’s connected world, graphic design also extends to your social media presence as well. When your images, logo, branding and visual message is uniform across all platforms, there is a definite advantage and one will drive your branding now and into the future.

We are here to work with you to develop the graphic design elements that will make your website stand out from the competition. By carefully selecting the look, the feel and the images on your site our graphic designers will provide you with the visual experience you want for your website visitors.

Content Creation

While you probably have websites you visit online strictly because they offer the best in deals, you also have websites you return to time and again because of the great content.

Content marketing, or promoting a website by providing unique, original and relevant information to your target audience, is one of the most effective ways to boost conversions and increase your position on the search engine results page.

Top content doesn’t have to be profound or written from an academic perspective. In fact, this type of content is really only relevant to niche types of sites where people are looking for specific information and facts. Content creation on an ecommerce or business website should be written in a way that is easy to read and understand and to generate curiosity, interest, inspiration or questions, but not a hard sell about your specific products or services.

The goal of content creation is to create a buzz and to promote your company as a resource, a trusted name, and a reliable source of information about topics of relevance. This can include information you share in blogs, articles, newsletters and even in your social media posts and messages. Consistent messaging and content, along with selecting topics that are relevant, informative and interesting will be essential in making your website the go-to site on the web.

With our extensive experience in content creation, we can assist you in develop top quality, original, informative articles, newsletters, blogs, and posts. These are all excellent opportunities to build your brand and your online presence in a way that adds value for your target audience.


As a business owner, you wouldn’t start a business without a plan to measure success, or to know where your business was getting a good return on investment and where you were actually losing money.

When you are doing business online, the use of specific analytics provides that data-rich source of information. Analytics can be used to measure a very wide range of highly valuable data points or trends across your website and throughout your social media and online interactions.

Choosing the right analytics, and understanding what the analytics show, is a critical part of making the right decisions to increase the profitability of your ecommerce site or website, and that makes sense. Knowing how people get to your site, which keywords they use in search engines and what they buy, or what pages they visit on the site, are all instrumental in making changes to increase conversion rates in the future.

However, analytics can be used for so much more. They can tell you what your bounce rate is, or how many people come to your landing page and leave without going to another page on the site. If you have a high bounce rate you may not be using the right keywords, the website may have functional or operational problems, or perhaps it needs an upgrade to be more engaging.

Analytics will also let you know the specific times of the day when your website gets the most traffic. This is critical information to know if you are planning a Pay per Click (PPC) marketing program so you can select the times to pay for your ads to be featured when the majority of your buyers are online and active.

Using analytics is a big part of continually adjusting your website to capture consumer trends as well as to understand what is most effective and what is simply not working. As part of an overall business plan and monitoring strategy, various web analytics are an integral component for anyone.

Social Media

Setting up and managing a business social media presence is much different than having a personal social media page. Unfortunately, too many businesses fail to take advantage of social media as a marketing tool or attempt to use it the same as their person social media site.

If you have a social media presence on any platform including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or LinkedIn, you have to be actively engaged and interactive to reap any rewards. Social media marketing is not passive, but it should be seen as a rich source of new qualified leads to bring to your website.

Too many times a business becomes unhappy with their social media response but fails to realize they haven’t really done anything to interest, engage, or excite their audience. Online discussions, interesting posts, sharing information about the human side of your business or even having an online contest are all simple ways to ramp up a social media campaign.

To achieve all of this, our first step will be to develop a social media marketing plan. This will goal driven with measurable results, so you have a good idea which social media programs, campaigns and marketing strategies are most effective with your target audience. It is also important to be able to assess the return on investment (ROI) of both time and money spent on different platforms and see which social media sites are most effective at bringing in customers that are genuinely interested in buying, learning more, or interacting with your company.

Social media marketing should not be a stand-alone component of your marketing program. Rather it should be integrated with your online marketing, your traditional media marketing, and your website. This is actually not as challenging as it sounds, and we can provide some or all of the expertise needed to build your social media presence.


An ecommerce website is an easy way for many people to increase their target audience, to expand their current business, or to even market specific lines and products that are not available in their retail outlets or stores.

However, developing an ecommerce site and actually being able to move up through the search engine rankings to be discovered by those looking for your products and services is not an easy task.

Ecommerce marketing programs have evolved greatly over the last decade. Changes in the algorithms used by Google and other search engines have completely changed the way that these websites have to be designed. Without this information and understanding, it is impossible to get to those top spots on the search engine page.

Simple mistakes that many ecommerce sites continue to make include failing to use keywords and alternative keywords in tags and descriptions, failing to correctly structure their website for easy navigation, and also the failure to use content-rich materials. Another very serious issue is the use of duplicate contents, including item descriptions, which may be costing your website in search engine standings.

At DeyoGroup, we understand the techniques and the strategies that are most effective in working with Google and other search engines. By restructuring an ecommerce site, incorporating effective SEO strategies and creating functioning, effective tools for customers to use it is possible to see steady results in increased conversions and increased search engine ranking results.

Advertising & Branding

Anyone who is in business recognizes the importance of advertising your company and creating a reputation that is positive, trusted, and seen as a reliable source of information, products or services.

This is where branding comes in. For many business owners, branding is just seen as a logo, a set of company colors, or a specific product line. However, branding really focuses on what that logo, those colors and those products represent to the consumer. In this way brands come to symbolize more than just a product; rather it is the entire reputation and relationship the consumer has with not just the individual product, but also with the company itself.

Through this association, branding becomes an essential part of advertising. Choosing an advertising campaign that dovetails with the company branding is essential to provide a cohesive message for your clients. Both branding and advertising hand-in-hand process and need to originate with the start-up of a new company, or the expansion or change in an existing company or business.

Think about it this way, a company that has a brand that represents quality, craftsmanship and quality is going to have an easier time in marketing and advertising than company with no brand recognition or a company with a negative brand reputation.

Companies often choose to rebrand, to get a fresh start, or to upgrade their current branding and advertising campaigns. This required a strategic plan of action, a well-developed message and a way to roll out the branding and marketing campaign to attract maximum attention.

DeyoGroup, Inc. has the answers to all your branding and advertising needs. We can help you with your startup business or start over with a corporate rebranding program whether you are planning on a local market program or if you want to step onto the national or international marketing stage.

Development & Implementation

Sometimes as a business owner you just want to focus in on running your business. We understand that, and we can handle everything with your social media, website, branding and online advertising program, and you can focus on what you do best. This allows us to focus in on our specialization, and for you to do the same.

However, it is important to realize that during the development and implementation period for any of the work we do you will be an essential component. You will provide us with input and ideas, and we will provide you with possibilities, drafts and options for your consideration. With our experience in online marketing, branding, and website development we can very efficiently and effectively handle each task, allowing you to have the freedom to be a business professional.

We offer a unique framework for our web services, which is designed to allow maximum flexibility for those who want to be actively involved in the initial and ongoing development of the website as well as those who want us to manage it for them. With our unique framework, we can also transition at a later time when you are more comfortable and want to start changing the content or adding pages on your own.

As with all aspects of the services we provide, we want each of our clients to have a positive experience. While designing and launching a website, ecommerce site or social media, marketing or branding campaign is a lot of work, it is also very rewarding and a very good opportunity for business growth and development.

At DeyoGroup, Inc., we can work with your business, group or organization and also work within your budget. Our goal is to become your business partner with regards to your online marketing, branding and website needs both now as well as in the future.

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