A School Management system designed by a parent; especially for UMS schools.

ClassReach divides and conquers by simplifying how to interact with your students, their families, teachers, administrators, and even the whole school. ClassReach splits your users into four roles – Admins, Teachers, Guardians, and Students. Given these four simple roles, ClassReach is your one-stop-shop to effectively communicate with everyone on your education team.


ClassReach has customizable school-wide settings built right into the interface to enforce policies that your school may have; and we’ll even work with you to implement any new feasible options that your specific school might have that we just haven’t encountered or thought about yet.

Course Management.

Within ClassReach the administrators can create Courses, which describe some set of material or field of study that your school offers, and for each course Sections can be created for a specific academic term to describe where a class will meet, who is teaching it, who is enrolled in the class, and any other details that are needed. ClassReach gives you the greatest amount of customizing power and flexibility to meet your unique needs.


It can be a nightmare trying to manage different email systems and having separate vendors – so don’t! Use ClassReach and get off of emails between students, teachers, and parents; ClassReach comes with a built-in messaging system to facilitate communication between all of the different people on your education team – students, teachers, parents, and administrators. ClassReach will even send notifications to an email address so that you don’t have to worry if you missed any important messages.


For Administrators our philosophy is transparency and full access. Admins can look back through all the messages between any User in their school past or current, so no one gets caught in the ‘he said she said’ loop – an admin can look back through time and know exactly who said what.
To manage the courses and sections of your school, admins can create new sections, or manage sections from any academic term past, current, or future. ClassReach aims to empower our administrators to do anything and everything to more effectively deliver a fantastic education and keep everyone on the same page – teachers, students, and guardians.


ClassReach seeks to give teachers all the tools they need to effectively deliver the best education that they can. With a lightweight and flexible framework for uploading files, delivering handouts, and creating Lesson Plans – and even an approval system built right into Lesson Plans if your school uses the department head approval system, Teachers have all that they need to flourish in their role as educator for their students. Grading and Attendance are a breeze with ClassReach – look at your roster anytime and quickly input markings for attendance, and quickly input grades and even assign homework or other assignments to the class; all through ClassReach. There’s no better all-in-one system out there!


ClassReach, from the ground up, seeks to involve parents and guardians in their children’s education. Anything that is related to the student is all seen right on the landing summary page and parents can quickly review their children’s grades, assignments, and even message the teachers about any questions that they might have about their child. There is a built-in calendar system to ClassReach too; so that students and parents can see what events the school is planning so that there are multiple points of contact via student handouts that come back home, announcements on ClassReach, events on ClassReach, school-wide messages – no stone will be left unturned when it comes to communication and getting everyone on the same agenda!


The student’s life is incredibly simplified and streamlined with ClassReach. All of the disparate systems other schools have to use for messaging their teachers, uploading assignments, downloading files – all of that is done through ClassReach. No more having to wade through multiple systems and login multiple times with the same credentials just to get school work done. Students can see their grades, and even see how they measure up to their classmates for those students that really want to excel and push themselves; there’s even streamlined feedback baked right into ClassReach – teachers can put remarks on a student’s uploaded assignment or send them a message concerning that specific assignment.

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